Air Filter Kit from Canada

Autor : Olivier PATROUIX

Made by : Dale Murphy

This Kit is developped by Dale R Murphy and he is in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. He has developed an air filter kit for the RZ500 that works with the stock carburetors and fairing.

The kit comes complete with filters and brackets to relocate the fuel petcock, choke pull and radiator cap support. The price is only $380CDN plus shipping. The customer can use his stock fasteners and only needs to jet the bike.

The kit includes:

All aluminum parts are CNC machined and clear anodized. Anodizing can be special ordered in blue, black, gold and red for an additional $40CDN.
Filters can be special ordered in blue, yellow or black for an additional $30CDN.

He has set up a "PayPal" account for people to use credit cards. He has been in the motorcycle business as a passion for 20 years and owned and raced 3 RZ500's. The filter kit in the photos is on his personal bike.

The club members are eligible for a $25CDN discount.

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