From an RD500LC to an RZV500R

Olivier Patrouix

I've contacted the Club (Olivier PATROUIX) in order to find an RZV500R frame, after several contacts with a Japanese breaker, I'm able to get my hands on an alloy frame, after payment, two weeks later the frame is at home.

First surprise at the reception, the good quality of the packaging and the weight of the frame, no possible comparison with the RD500LC frame.
The rebuilt start with the engine and no problem at all. Then the front end (ZXR one), no problem with the fork but surprise with the fairing bracket. It could not be bolted on. The RZV frame is larger where the fairing bracket is attached. Two solutions, buying an RZV bracket or modifying an RD500LC one. I chose the first solution.
And for the rear of the bike another surprise, the axle of the rear suspension pivot is too long and not enough threading.About 17mm of threading is missing and the axle has to be cut to avoid the excess length on the nut side.
My last thinking is the bolt of the suspension relays, the RD one is too short and missing 20mm. Same solution than for the fairing bracket, find one from an RZV500R or have one fabricated to the right specification with an hexacave BTR print.

No other problems and what pleasure !!!!

Michel D.

Here some photos.