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Welcome to French RD 500 Club W3 site

The French RD500LC Club is 21 years old today : 20/10/2016.

This site is made for RD500LC lovers and we hope that you would find a lot of information in order to keep your bike alive. The purposes of the French RDLC 500 Owners Group is to federate all RD500LC owners, in France or more, in order to build a data base and to propose some advantages for tuning or simply repair your bike.

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For more information on our Club, have a jump to our Club pages . You can go to our What's New area for information about the latest news on two strokes and manifestations.

Customize FireFox download RZV500R personas 25/03/2010

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2 Strokes Meeting

Blog from Japan Updated 07/05/2011

About RD 500 LC

images Data base

At the beginning the boss with 2 strokes.

Several prototypes of French RD 500 LC Club members or from other on the web.

French RD 500 LC Club members bikes .

Several bikes from the net.

CNC Parts for the RD500

   FZR400RR chassis with RD500 engine UP DATED 15/08/2015

 TZR250 2XT 2012 TZR250 Japanese Market model with TZ fairing for track UP DATED 21/06/2014

RZV500R KuniRZV500R well tuned in Japan / Video added UP DATED 30/10/2007

RZV500R wins an amateur Race (he is fan of Norick Abe) UP DATED 04/03/2012

Gert Vd Bosch from an RD500 to an YZR500 UP DATED 29/09/2011 Video

Electronics Systems

          The YPVSBox project is for developing a controller to replace YAMAHA Stock box UP DATED 25/03/2009

          The Pipe Designer projet is for computing pipe according to engine specification and hydroforming UP DATED 27/08/2012

RD500LC with fuel injection

Technical information 30/04/2011

Boyesen Power Reeds .
Carbon Tech Reeds .
Pro-Flo Services and Products .

2 strokes GP fans DVD

Other 2 strokes WWW sites

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