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Photos courtesy of Moto Revue (#3099)
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Bad news the Sambiase's workshop is closed !!!

A short remember

The two brothers start working in the bike world a long time ago. Since '71, the first tuning was made on a Kawasaki 500 H1 with an aluminum gasoline tank, an new seat design, a complete home made frame and an engine with a lot of modifications.

Later on, they build hand made frames for 250TZ and specific swing­arm for the famous OW 31. In '79, they race with the first home made motorcycle using a 250TZ engine. The following year, they open the Moto Technics Shop for the design of special parts and for frame fixing. Since '82, they propose the first aluminum frame for 250TZ, design and build the frame of the French PERNOD racing bike and an aluminum frames for RD350 and RD500.

Their postal address is :

        Beauregard n°1
        Quartier Saint-Raphael
        13480 CABRIES

        Tel: (33) Ø4 42 22 26 85
        Fax: (33) Ø4 42 22 12 06
        (no Ø from abroad)

You must have a look to the beautiful welding on aluminum, the gull swing­arm and the GP look like expansion chambers. The engine is not modified but the exhaust pipes give more than 2 Hp per cylinder. You can get a view of the bike's rear (114Ko jpg).

Technical data

Let us give you more information on the custom part off this beautiful RD500. The Sambiase's brothers can build every thinks you want for your bike¸ and they have all ready a lot of technical parts to propose:

The frame

This frame is really built for the YAMAHA RD500LC (RZ¸ RZV)¸ that means that every think from the original bike will find its place on this aftermarket frame. The use of aluminum allows to decrease the weight from 16Kg (the RD500LC frame) to 9 Kg . This frame is also more rigid. So you can start saving money now!!!

The swing­arm

They also propose a swim­arm for the bike. This arm can be put on the original frame (what a shame) and the rear shock will be kept at the same place (under the engine). In order the turn something to account, it is better to put a new rim' maybe from an YZF or FZR' in order to use a modern radial tire.
The increased length gives to the bike more stability. The boomerang shape allows to put the exhaust pipes on the right side of the bike and you really got a GP look. They propose a carbon rear hugger for this swing­arm which is a copy of the GP Yamaha ROC.

The exhaust pipes

To fit with this boomerang arm' they have built specific pipes with carbon mufflers. And with this device, you will save more than 12 Kg and increase the engine power (10 Hp to the top end and 3 Hp at middle range).

The body and other stuff

The solo seat presented on the bike´s pictures is also a Sambiase made. The seat is made with glass fiber and polyester resin (ready to be paint). It gives a more fluid end to the bike.
They also propose an aluminum oil tank (2stroke oil) which takes place under the solo seat. You will keep the original cap and the oil level probe. The only thing that you will have to modify is the electric connections from front to rear.

Prices and manufacture delay

We are now going to talk about the dark side of the tuning. I hope you have saved enough money to order some or all this beautiful aftermarket parts. To have an idea of prices in U.S. Dollard,  1 euro € = 1 USD. If you order more than 5 pieces you can negociate approximativelly 10% price off. Don´t hesitate to contact Sambiase's Brothers and don´t forget to speak about the French RD500LC Club.
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