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2 strokes bikes

I'll try tu update the 2 strokes bike's pictures as soon as posible.
French 2 strokes ENGINE

From Moto journal #1216 (1st Feb. 96)

Claude and Patrick SAMBIASE, which are well known in France for their tunning (35Ko jpg) and two strokes engine preparation for road racing, present for the first time their own V4 engine.

The specifications of this original V4 are :
 Engine: Two-stroke, liquid-cooled, V4
Displacement: 499cc
Carburetion: (8) fuel injector
Claimed weight: 54 Kg.
Power: 130 hp at 11500 rpm.

Like Yamaha and Suzuki grand prix bikes, this engine is a twin crank V-four. The main use is a road one and not a racing one. Oil is combusted along with gasoline using a crankcase oil injectors, it allows the use of normal gasoline for "everyday use". As a matter of fact, two-strokes aren't for everybody, and they certainly are not everyday motorcycles.

We are waiting for a complete bike and if you want to have an idea jump to this.

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