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This page contains descriptions for technical products for RDLC. For newly released products or information on two strokes, see our What's New page.
Currencies :

1€ <=> 1 US dollars


We have buy the moulds from DEMODE POLYESTERS in order to build all polyester parts for 500 RDLC with a good ratio price vs quality. The polyester fairings are made by a specialist, you can get a complete body, a solo seat or only one part of the body. The upper fairing is build with the inside insert that allows the part to get fixed on the standard bike (no odd jobs). The following prices, for club members, do include shipping.

You can ask for what you want or need : no head light hole and so on. For information get your phone or mail us.

Yamaha dealer which proposes 500 parts 20% to 40% price off for our club members. Order by phone or mail and ask for Chantal.

130 rue Jean Mermose 93110 ROSNY SOUS BOIS

Tel: (33) 01 48 12 17 40
Fax: (33) 01 48 12 17 41
mail : Chantal

The Club can order by email the JOLLY MOTO exhaust pipes for our club members. You've got the choice between four models :

French Bike dealer which proposes FIGAROLY exhaust pipes, Italian made, for 2 strokes.

94 route des fusillés de la résistance 92000 NANTERE

Tel: (33) 01 42 05 79 14

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