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Introductory information about the French RD500LC Owners Group.
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Owners Group History

The RD500LC CLUB was born in 1995, the October 20th from a little group of friend which own at least one RDLC. In January 1996, we contacted specialized magazines (Moto Journal...) in order to announce the born of our club. Few months later, we were pleasantly surprised that more than hundred RD500 owners had joint our group. The aims of this club are to federate 500 owners, to propose a magazine (3 per year) and to help for build special parts. The magazine gives technical data, historical information and so on.
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The headquarters are composed of six people. If you've got any technical information to give or any technical questions to ask, you can send them to the boss Didier DAUMIN by mail or fax at this number : (33) 03 86 61 17 38 (no 0 before the phone number from abroad).
PRESIDENT                                       VICE-PRESIDENT
        Didier DAUMIN                                  
        53 bis rue de la fosse aux loups               
        58000 NEVERS                                   
        Tel: (33) 03 86 61 17 38                       
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The headquarters of the Club is located in the city of Nevers which is in the centre of FRANCE. The address is :
        RD 500 LC Club de France
        Siège social
        Didier DAUMIN
        53 bis rue de la fosse aux loups
        58000 NEVERS FRANCE
For 1997, you would pay 160Fr to be a members of our club.
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Interesting stuff about our actions

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