This page gives you more information on last 2 strokes meeting on Lurçy-lévis circuit.


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Club's logoThe 2006 meeting was the 1st and 2d of July 2006on the track of LURCY-LEVY in the centre of France.
We'll use the long circuit 2km600 (in plain line on the picture). It is necessary to have the bike's papers, an insurance et the driving licence because the track is not registred by the French Motorcycle Federation.
 It's possible to camp outside the circuit for Friday and inside the circuit for the Saturday and Sunday nights.
You can contact me by email .

This weekend was perfect with a very hot Saturday with 2 series of 30 minutes per rider and a cooler Sunday  with 4 series. There were a lot of riders (more or less than 150) but also some journalists from French magazines. So you'll have to check French press in order to catch a paper on this 2005 2 STROKES meeting.

If you have some pictures please send me the files.

Press or Web articles

JPM was the track photograhe and he has bring a lot of devices in order to print 20cmx30cm of digital pictures.

Pictures : Olivier PATROUIX and All

Track pictures : JPM.

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