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This page contains descriptions and pictures of our 5th 2-strokes meeting.
Photos by Olivia (´88 250 TZR) & Olivier PATROUIX (´84 500 RDLC)

2 strokes on a track

This time, the 2-stroke meeting was organized on a French practice track. Lets get more information on the track : we have used the 2.6 km long track with a 700m straight line. The track width is about 9 meters except on the straight line 18 meters. Usually, this track is used for automobile testing. There is no crash barriers so the security is on top.

The aim of this week­end was to have a maximum of fun with a maximum of security. These two days were not competition days. All kind of 2 strokes bikes are allowed on the track but you must have your driving license and of course the bike´s papers and racers were also admitted. The bikes were separated in 5 series :

  1. only 500 cc (3 series)
  2. 250 cc and olddies (2 series)

The site was oppened on saturday morning and each driver went on the track five times. The price was 300 fr. per rider and free access for other people. We have camped on the raceway site with all the facilities (showers, food...). We were approximatively 200 people on the site for this week­end and "only" 110 drivers :-).

This was the maximum and allows a drivers to take the track 5 times during 35 minutes with was long enough for beginers and experienced drivers. Any way if you put a standard RD500LC or a RG500¸ you´ll have braking problems and you´ll be tired too after half an hour of track driving. The best way to relax after was to get a cold beer and talk about your favorit 2 strokes.
A lot of people came this year with the bikes on a trailer. Some 2-strokes junkies ride across France to be at the right place on the right time (like us 1500km in the week). This is why Olivia win's a huge cup because she was the female driver from the most far city. The cup was so big that the club has to post it!
From all the point of view, during this weekend the organization was perfect : good and cheap food, hot meal, good win and beers.

Saturday at 2 a clock every thing was ready, the doctor, the ambulance so the track was opened. The first serie is going to the track for 35 minutes of pure pleasure. Every one was thinking about the track. How are the curves? Can i make it?.
Lets have a look on what's going on on the track. Olivia, who had recently bought a TZR250, feels on this ring. This experience was really good and she feels more secure now on the road.
And for me it was also a great experience of riding and driving my RD500 on a track for the first time. In the following series, we feel more confident and driving faster and faster. The feelings were perfect in the third serie.
I hope that more pictures of the weekend will come from other people.
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