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This page contains descriptions and pictures of our 2-strokes only meeting.
Photos 1 & 3 by Olivia DELAVAULT

French 2 strokes meeting site

The meeting is organized in a castle park during the second week-end of may. Only 2-strokes bikes are allowed from oldies Kawazaki Triples to Prototypes (108Ko jpg) made with RD500 parts. It is a good place for talking to "2-strokes junkies" 24 hours during. You may get a lot of technical information from tuning your RD into an YZR. Some sunny days are sometimes available and given good remembers for winter time.

On Sunday, all the bikers ride for a trip around the meeting area and show to everyone all kind of two strokes racers. So you cannot imagine one hundred bikes riding in the center of Nevers, making a smoky noise.

Somes RD parked in Nevers' downtown.

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