RD500LC and FZR400RR project


Updated : 21/02/2012

I've recently bought an FZR400RR type 4DX / 1993 in order to make a nice alloy framed RD500 for track day runs.

In this page I will try to give news from my project.
Last step

Photos (click to enlarge)


My RD500LC with complete YAMAHA FZ750 front end (see previous pages for details) :

wheel 3 x 17 with 120/70x17 BT45

front fender

brakes (rotor & callipers)

39mm fork with preload adjusters and 250TZR clip-on

Real assembly from FZ750 :

rear wheel 3.5 x 18 with 140/70x18 BT45

brakes (rotor, calliper & huger)

FZR400RR from the breaker and lot of parts will be for sale soon like :

- engine 47000Km on clock ear it

- electrical stuffs like CDI units...

- exhaust pipe with EXUP and MIG can (photo)

- fairing left / right / seat

- part for sell 21/02/2012

FZR400RR stripping it down

Second hand radiator buy from UK thought e-bay

The 4DX radiator is the same as the SP because of the oil cooling system but doesn't need it for my project.

For information on FZR400RR and SP see Richard Halford pages

The radiator fan has been removed and fit on the bike for testing and no leaking problem.

I buy a TZR 250 coolant tank in order to use it in my project behind the steering.

yzf 600 rear hugger 10/08/2005
This is the rear huger from a YAMAHA thundercat that I'll adapt to the FZR400 swing arm. I'll need to modify some mounting but it seems to match quite good in my first test.



This is an empty engine build with my spares parts in order to make the mounting plates for the RD500 engine in the FZR400RR frame.

fzr 1 fzr 2
fzr 3 fzr 4
I'm actually removing the 4 strokes parts from the bike :
  • rear silencer MIG
  • down pipes
  • pillion peg and support
  • huge batteries ( for electric starter...)
  • air box
  • Carburretors...
Bat eliminator 22/08/2005
I bought a batterie eliminator and I've tested it on my YAMAHA 200 DTR commuter.
Works greatly.
Pirelli 26/08/2005
I bought an used set from ebay in the UK (only done 25 laps at Cadwell)
fzr 3TJ mirrors fzr 4DX mirrors 31/08/2005
I've just bough a pair of Japanese specification mirror from a 3TJ FZR400. they are much nicer that 4DX stock mirrors
rd500 rd500
rd500 rd500
rd500 rd500
rd500 rd500
I've removed the FZR400 engine and try to put my rd500 mock-up
Points to be checked :
  • front sprocket position
  • angle of the engine
  • kick starter lever (frame must be altered)
  • carburretor clearance (frame have to by modified)
sdr moke up
I've ordered the 16T 520 front sprocket so the alignment will be checked.
My Jolly Moto stock pipe will not fit so I'll need  new upper straight pipes to fit according to Jolly Moto pipes
I've found SDR 200 pipes drawing on the Web so I've made a paper mock-up of these pipes to check with the frame. I've made the assembly of  the paper's pipe.
I'm looking for the Jolly moto sizes in order to modify the first part of the pipe and use the fat part ?
 rd500 rd500
Lower pipe fitted in order to check frame clearance.
Looks OK. I still need  to test it again but it's look fine for the lower pipes.
Still waiting for the front sprocket in order to build mounting brackets for the engine (I've already bought the tube and metal sheet to build temporary mounting brackets.
rd500 rd500
Upper pipe mock-up fitted with the modified subframe.
Not enough clearance but I need to make some measurement on the Jolly moto pipes. It seems that bigger diameter is 100mm not 110mm like my mock-up. I'll also build a rear sub frame in order to obtain more space for the upper pipes under the seat.
rd500 jolly moto
pipes pipe
I've made some measurement on my Jolly Moto upper pipe and I've built paper mock-up. I think that a new sub-frame for the seat unit will give more free space for the pipes but I think that the pipes are too close to the tyre.
I'll do some testing as soon as possible.
I've done some measurement on my upper pipes and I've tried to modify the 3rd cone to give clearance to rear wheel travel.
Different angle values : 5 8 10.
Pipe compare pipe compare 02/11/2005
I've modified one of the straight pipe have al ready made in order to check the clearance in both directions :
  •  directly with regard to rear wheel travel
  •  between the pipe.
As you can see on pictures the bent pipe, approximatively 8, increases the space (4-5 cm more). So I've decided to modify the other one to have a more accurate mock-up.
pipe 8 pipe 8
pipe 8 rear hugger left view
The bike on the paddock stand with the two bent pipes and also with the rear huger. The space for the rear wheel seems to be enough with rear shock with race set-up.
pipe 02/11/2007
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