RD500LC and FZR400RR project

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03/11/2005 to 11/11/2007

I've recently bought an FZR400RR type 4DX / 1993 in order to make a nice alloy framed RD500 for track day runs.

In this page I will try to give news from my project.
Last step

Photos (click to enlarge)


My RD500LC with complete YAMAHA FZ750 front end (see previous pages for details) :

wheel 3 x 17 with 120/70x17 BT45

front fender

brakes (rotor & calipers)

39mm fork with preload adjusters and 250TZR clip-on

Coolant bottle 03/11/2005
I've removed the FZR400 coil bracket. These are very nice so I think I'll use them for my project. I've installed the coolant bottle to check the assembly (I'll need to grind the frame plate on 3mm).
sp shock std shock 15/11/2005
Still waiting for the front sprocket !!!
I'm looking for an upgrade for the rear shock, this could be an FZR400RR - Sport Production shock on ebay (left image) which is adjustable in preload, rebound and compression. The standard one is on the right image.
yzf 750 sp 19/11/2005
I've found that YZF 750 shock has the same mounting as the FZR400RR one. I've bought an YZF 750 shock from ebay in the UK. This shock is adjustable in preload, rebound and compression not like French YZF shock.
BOF Logo 11/12/2005
As the front sprocket does not come, I've canceled the order and make a new one at Blue Oil France on line shop
gasketset 13/12/2005
I've purchase from ebay in the UK a Top end gasket set made by Vesrah (Made in Japan). You can check the international site for more details.
jt front jt 17/12/2005
Blue Oil order arrives, I confirm very good on-line shop.
Front sprocket JT : 1579 - 16 teeth
Rear sprocket JT 846 - 39 teeth
bracket BracketBracketBracket 29/12/2005
I've made the lower and the front mounting bracket for the engine this allows to remove the link. Thus the front sprocket alignment and the upper pipes clearance can be checked. I've also shortened an old 520 chain from my DTR 200 this will help for the front sprocket alignment but also to know how many links I'll need.
Bracket  bracket 30/12/2005
I've made a second version of the bracket which allows move the engine 10mm up and 10mm backward in order to have the front sprocket closer to the swing arm spindle. Attention, the kick axis is getting really close to the frame.
top backet top backettop backettop backet 07/01/2006
For the upper rear mounting bracket, I think I'll use the stock FZR mounting on the left side of the frame.
Tube length : 78mm
plate thickness : 4mm
For the right side, I don't know if I use the 10mm mounting ( big bolt) or the 2 6mm stock mountings (down - right image) .
Here is the draft drawing of the lower engine brackets, I'll make the CAD modeling in order to make them on a CNC machine. ATTENTION new measurements
right hand left hand 14/01/2006
CAD file views
Frame frame 15/01/2006
Left hand frame needs to be modified. The red will be removed
rh lh upper plate upper tube 23/01/2006
New CAD file with a system that can directly do the CNC program
kick kickkickkick 29/01/2006
Frame modification for the kick axle
Some small modifications have to be done in order to give some clearance.
HEL brake 04/03/2006
Hel Brake line kit for FZR400RR from ebay UK at 45 euros
lh bracket lh bracket 05/03/06
First mounting bracket for upper LH engine
fairing fairingfairing 05/03/06
Testing the FZR400RR fairing on the bike on the clutch side to check clearance.
fairing fairingfairingfairingfairingfairing 31/03/2006
Before ordering the GRP fairing and selling the stock parts, a little test is needed. I think that a replica fairing could fit but one piece lower fairing will make me problems.
fairing fairingfairing 31/03/2006
But for the lower pipes it should be OK.
pipe 23/04/2006
Here are the upper pipes (plasma CNC cut with the help of my brother Laurent). I need to find now the right person to roll and weld them.
First hand made left bracket by a colleague Jose Luis
First test for the left hand bracket

I've started to modify the FZR400RR Tank in order to have some space for the rear pipes. I'll cut all the under tank and make a new straight under plate. I'll need to weld it with the fuel sender and the petcock mounting plates.
More details on the dedicated page 08/02/2009
I've been able to source carbon silencers for my project from a USA-Chinese company. I'm currently working with them to be a representative for French customers. Typical mounting patterns are TZR250 3XV & TZ250. Diameter is 6cm and length 25cm. More details, contact me.
I've manage to be on ebay a steering damper fork bracket from Lockhart Phillips.
I've been able to check the XJR1300 fork cap could suite to the FZR400RR front fork? I've done some measurements and I'm waiting for breaker confirmation on data ( www.fert-demolition.com very pro.).
From left to right : Origin XJR set-up compare to FZR400 one / Shortened tube (115mm) / Complete set-up ready to mount.
Now the FZR-RD has an adjustable spring in the front end.
Lower engine cradle using shock bracket mounting on the crankcase.
KR1 carb mounting tests
 Frame needs to be altered for upper carb
View from the inside.
Frame modification to be done
Frame modifications and radiator mounting. I've put individual filter but it is better to build an airbox. I've some technical papers to read first. Any advices welcome.
I've opened the FZR400RR airbox and I found that using the trumpets could be a good starting point for the design of the airbox. From what I've read the 2 strokes do not like long trumpet but short ones. This is a good point because the fairing will not fit with the FZR400RR trumpets on the KR1 carburettor.
Fairing on for the airbox design

 Modification of the frame casting to get more space for the pipes.
Testing with the pipes.
Coolant Bottle in place
Upper bracket almost done.
Upper bracket done with stainless plate.
Later on, will receive an anti-rust + phosphating treatment before painting.
Lower bracket in stainless plate RH and LH
The engine is mounted with the brackets. To be checked if the front mounting is necessary ?
I've decided to build light front brackets even if they are not needed. They'll l help to hold some components like HT coils...
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